Asian Adventures

Destination: Himalaya, India, Nepal

Duration: 14 Day(s)

Group Size: 10

Pillion Friendly: Yes - this is a nice trip for couples

Terrain: All tar, except a short ride into Bardia Park area

Support: Tour leader / Medic / Mechanic / Support vehicle

Distance: 1030km

Nepali jungle and Himalayan valleys, via super-twisty roads with views of the Annapurna and Everest ranges – this is a trip full of fabulous contrasts and epic rides, without venturing to very high altitudes or onto tough dirt roads. We start in deep jungle with a walking/rafting safari in tiger country, before taking to the bikes and exploring the hills. Lift your eyes from the endless bends for views to Everest and Annapurna. The tour price is inclusive of some meals, fuel and internal flights.

Price: £3000

This adventure is simply vast! We will travel into the planet’s highest mountains, through the world’s deepest gorge; we will motor through the magnificence of Mustang where the Tibetan plateau meets the world’s highest scenery. Eight-thousand-metre peaks will become our daily friends until we plummet down to the hot jungle to walk and raft in Tiger forests, where rhino and elephant also thrive. An all-round unforgettable experience!

Price: £3300

Destination: Himalaya, India, Nepal

Duration: 13 Day(s)

Group Size: 10

Pillion Friendly: Not ideal, due to dirt roads, but passengers can ride in the support vehicle when needed

Terrain: Mainly dirt in the high mountains, with tar in the foothills

Support: Tour leader / Medic / Mechanic / Support vehicle

Distance: 800km

Destination: Himalaya, India

Duration: 14 Day(s)

Group Size: 10

Pillion Friendly: Mainly, but there's one day that's dirt/rough

Terrain: Mostly tar, but one tough day of dirt

Support: Tour leader / Pro' Medic / Mechanic / Support vehicle

Distance: 1200km

A tour here is to visit a place like no other and to call it a ‘holiday’, is to do the experience no justice whatsoever. Even to try and get close to explaining the sheer scale of this adventure, the raw, untouched beauty of its locations and the endless fascination of its peoples and cultures, carries with it a degree of futility, but we will blunder on nonetheless… Blazing Trails have been running Himalayan tours through the Spiti Valley since 2005 and it is this experience, allied to precise organisation, that allows us to guide riders to such places. As with all our trips an experienced leader and support crew are with you every mile, providing expert guidance and mechanical or medical assistance if required. But despite our enormous local knowledge, a ride through the Himalaya is never going to be without its challenges and surprises…

Price: £2600

This exhilarating tour is something of a Himalayan odyssey, crossing some of the World’s Highest Motorable passes and linking three of the ultimate mountain range’s most breathtaking regions: Lahul, Ladakh and Zanskar. Leaving from Dharmasala, in the shadow of the magnificent Dhauladhar range, we will travel over the heights to the incomparable beauty of the Zanskar Valley, with its 24,000ft snowcaps and glaciers… little comes close in terms of natural splendour. From there it’s on to Leh, ‘capital’ of Ladakh. Appropriately, we will be using the 410cc Royal Enfield Himalayan for this route. With its ground clearance and dirt riding ability, it is well suited to the rigours of this route.

Price: £2800

Destination: Himalaya, India

Duration: 12 Day(s)

Group Size: 9

Pillion Friendly: Not really. It can be done, but they may need to get in the support vehicle

Terrain: Several tough (maybe very tough) days

Support: Tour leader / Pro Medic / Mechanic / Support vehicle

Distance: Approx 1500km

Destination: India

Duration: 14 Day(s)

Group Size: 10

Pillion Friendly: Yes – this is a great holiday for couples

Terrain: All Tar Riding – Twisty Mountain Roads

Support: Tour leader / First-aider / Mechanic / Support vehicle

Distance: Approx 900km

This outstanding tour covers some of the most scenic, exotic and diverse areas of southern India, from steamy coastal waterworlds to the cool air and uplifting vistas of Kerala’s mountains. You will be riding through the pristine forests and jungle gorges of Kerala’s many national parks and have the opportunity to spot many of the region’s wild animals along the way. Highlights of this trip also include a night on the backwaters in a luxury houseboat and time to explore the historical trading port of Cochin. The riding on this trip is superb – twisty and generally well surfaced – and the accommodation is of a high standard, while retaining a genuine Keralan feel. If you want to experience the best motorcycling destinations that South India has to offer, with the level of back-up that only Blazing Trails delivers, then this is the trip for you.

Price: £3250

Our Himalayan Foothills Tour is designed to offer some of the best riding and natural beauty on offer, without breaking the bank or taking riders into the extreme environments that characterise our Zanskar and Spiti Valley tours. Travelling the minor back-roads of Himachal Pradesh’s hill country, we will take in stunning views, experience rural life in the mountains and visit cultural and historic sites, both Indian in orgin and leftovers of the British Raj. These include the Dali Lama’s home town of Dharamasla, the Raj’s summer capital at Shimla and Manali, gateway to the High Himalaya – and all this fascination and beauty is linked by twisty roads all the way!

Price: £2300

Destination: Himalaya, India

Duration: 15 Day(s)

Group Size: 9

Pillion Friendly: Yes it is, but it's pretty bumpy in places

Terrain: All tar – some potholes and road damage

Support: Tour leader / First-aider | Support vehicle

Distance: Approx 1500