India FAQ

The tours can be booked online, by email, or over the phone on: +44 (0) 7494 050404. To secure a place you will be asked to put down a 15% deposit of and payment can be made by card, cheque, or bank transfer.

Yes. We enjoy hosting riders from all countries.

Flights are not included in the price of your tour, unless specified, but we can provide details of where to book an appropriate flight.

Yes, you need travel insurance to cover you for the period of the tour. This insurance must cover you to ride a bike of the capacity offered on your tour.

HOW & WHERE DO I GET A VISA?Applicants must submit online between 30 and four days before travelling and the visa will be issued on arrival – on production of an emailed confirmation document.

  1. Khem Raj Thakur, Hotel Iceland, Solang Valley, PO Palchan Kullui, Himachal Pradesh – 175103 (+91 98160 66508)

You will need a valid certificate of travel insurance and, officially, an International Driving Permit. This can be obtained through the Post Office at major branches. You’ll need your UK Driving Licence and some six of His Imperial Majesty’s Pounds.

We would advise that you have some idea of the exchange rate before you leave, to avoid getting ripped-off at airports. ATMs that will accept major credit and debit cards are now widely available. Cash can be changed at banks and agencies. Further advice will be given in the tour briefing. Generally if arriving for Himalayan tours, airport rates should be reasonable and we would advise you to change at least £50. Money can be easily changed in Manali and Leh on the Himalayan tours.

About £500 should cover food, petrol and sundries.

Yes , but be sure they know what they’re letting themselves in for: on some  tours this could be long days in the saddle, bumpy roads and, in the mountains, some pretty shocking drop-offs. We have space in our support vehicles, so pillions can rest if needed. It is possible to book a place in a support vehicle for those who want to join the tour, but not to ride or travel as a pillion passenger.

Yes, if  you pay a supplement. Even then, in rare cases single rooms may not be available at some stops as the hotels we use are popular, or in some cases small, and we have to book our accommodation some time in advance.

It varies widely and by tour. It is always clean and the best experience we can find in the area for a reasonable price. In some places you may be staying in comfortable tented camps, in others luxury huts or hotel rooms. In Kerala the accommodation is of a higher standard.

Pretty much everywhere, but at some camps not right through the night. Thus, bring a torch and if it’s vital you need electrical power every night, please speak to us before booking. Don’t forget a travel adaptor if you need to recharge your electricals.

They are very similar, but Tarka dhal is a bit ‘otter.

You must have a licence that covers the tour bike. Make sure you read the tour description to get a measure of the difficulty. While two years’ recent riding experience is advised, the main criterion is confidence. If you’re happy to zip through a London rush hour, then you’ll be capable of dealing with road life in India.

Riding anywhere carries a degree of risk, as does Indian riding. For more information on the riding side of things see ‘Riding’ in the ‘About India ‘ section of this site. If any rider joining us rides in a manner we suspect will endanger themselves, or others, they will receive one warning. If they continue to display a threat to the safety or enjoyment of others on the tour, they will be excluded from the remainder. See terms and conditions).

Due to road conditions and other traffic, vehicles tend to move a lot slower in India than they do in the West. We will do likewise. There are also constraints on speed enforced by the bikes. These are not high-revving sports bikes and so we will lead the tour at a maximum speed of around 80kph.

No, you can’t ride independently of the tour group, sorry.

You are limited to 20-ish kg by most airlines. However, we suggest you pack as lightly and in as compact a form as possible. We insist you bring soft luggage – no suitcases. If you turn up with a suitcase we may ask you to buy a soft bag and repack.

Yes, it’s full of snakes. Don’t bring any snakes. It’s full.

Please look at the meals provided by tour.

We would firstly suggest that you avoid too much curry, purely on the grounds that you don’t like it. Indian cuisine has much more to offer than that which we in the West are offered in most ‘Indian’ restaurants. In many destinations, Western-style food is available and where it is not, less spicy food can be arranged. As an alternative, it is possible to bring your own pre-packed camping meals and add hot water. 

Yes, but it’s a very tricky procedure requiring specialist equipment and best left to the experts.

They are, but not every night. Check the itineraries of Tours. You should be able to get clothes cleaned at two-night stops, so consider this when packing.

Yes. If your riding kit isn’t waterproof, then bring some light over-proofs.

Consult your GP/travel clinic for travel health advice. Bring enough of any prescribed medication you take regularly. A basic first aid kit is useful (plasters, antiseptic cream, bite/sting relief, plus insect repellent). Any serious medical problems will be dealt with by the tour medic, or first-aider.

As air-fares are so high these days, better to hire one locally, or carry your own water. Packaged drinking water is readily available throughout our routes, which you may wish to transfer into a CamelBak, or similar device.

Proper bike gloves are essential. Check this site’s information on Clothing Advice for a comprehensive guide to what you’ll need.

You can’t wash your hands in a buffalo.